Tanya Boeva: I left my home because of harassment!

She admitted that she was a victim of mental, physical and emotional harassment, but did not want to specify where the threats came from. In front of “Bulgaria Today” the singer with dozens of hits behind her back shared that she has to leave her home because of the horror she is going through.

“I changed my place of residence, I left my home because of this harassment. Everything is described in a prosecutor’s decree. There were threats, harassment against me, both physically and mentally. All this is still a legal case and I do not want to comment on names,” he told newspaper Tanya Boeva.

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The singer has been a victim of violence for 4 years

The singer has been a victim of violence for 4 years

“I gave a signal a long time ago. They broke the cameras in front of my house in Stara Zagora. They robbed my home in Sofia. The prosecutor’s decree says that they had to throw drugs at me, that they wanted to attack my relatives,” the singer of the eternal hit revealed. “Queen of Spades”.

Tanya Boeva ​​admits that there was a huge fear because of the pressure on her and for a long time she did not even manage to create.

“I was not in the music scene for four years, I did not have time, energy for anything. And during all this time I had to take care of my son,” the singer added, emphasizing that the prosecutor’s decree says that she has reason for justified fear.

“All this can bring down a person, regardless of whether he is a woman or a man. I want to motivate other people who are going through a similar case to share not only with close people, but also with institutions,” Boeva ​​added. “That’s why, even after so much time, I announce it to let you know that such things happen. In any case, it keeps you from wanting to create.”

When asked how to overcome such a stage of life, Tanya Boeva ​​answered categorically: “It is overcome with a lot of faith in God and a healthy psyche!”

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