Tananai: “In the summer I spent my holidays indoors playing. Today I think: when does it happen that so many people are interested in me? “

Ironic, expansive and with the air of someone who never takes himself too seriously. Tananai rides the wave of success and, despite the last place a Sanremostably feast at the top of the radio charts. On the other hand, the rejection on the stage of theAriston has not always been synonymous with failure and the golden boy of 2022 enjoys an illustrious company: da Vasco Rossi to Sugarpassing through i Negramaroup to Fashion And Max Pezzali. Comparisons are forbidden, of course, but the road, however tortuous, must be taken without remorse.

King of the summer and signature, together with Fedez And Mara Satteide ‘The sweet life’certified double platinum and one of the most listened to singles of the moment, the singer was also a guest of the Jova Beach Party 2022, performing on crowded beaches. A real triumph, as pleasant as it is unexpected. Until a few years ago, in fact, the daily life of Tananai fluctuated between music and party nights with friends. To tell it, it was himself in an interview with Tv Smiles and Songs: “I grew up in Cologno Monzese and the neighbor Milan, in the summer, I have always found it fascinating. Except in August, when it becomes a desert. I spent my days playing indoors and my nights out messing with friends. As a child I used to go to Puglia because my maternal grandparents are from there, but in the last few years of real holidays I have made a few… at most some machinations with friends towards Liguria, without organizing anything, for an adventure ”.

‘La Dolce Vita’ and success – If there was a crossroads, in the short career of Tananai, it was Sanremo. The Festival changed his life and also a song like Baby Goddamn, published in March 2021, has stably stationed, for months, among the most listened to by young people. With the arrival of summer, the singer-songwriter has reached mind-boggling numbers And ‘The sweet life’, a song with a 60s sound, has given him enormous popularity. A perhaps unexpected success. But he has always believed in the potential of the song: “I was the one who initially believed in it most of all. I think it’s a really good song, one that doesn’t leave your head but at the same time you never get tired of listening ”.

Always keep your feet on the ground The race for summer hits has been filling Italian summers for decades now. And Tananai too, although he wasn’t fascinated by it, he said he was satisfied with having contributed to making the pieceand not just interpreting it: “When they proposed the song to me I already understood that it would be sensational, but I was afraid of entering the ‘summer championship’, I was afraid it was something distant from me. I also spoke on the details of the melodic lines. I mean, I did mine, since basically I was born a musician and producer“. An approach that the singer has also preserved for the single ‘Pasta’, entirely written, composed and produced by him: “It does not aim to become a great success, but I think this is the right time to make people understand what I can do. Part of me thinks: but when does it happen that so many people are interested in me?“.

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