Tamara Pettinato showed the ordeal she has been living for months: "My brother tells me…"

After terrible fire that hit the department of Philip Pettinato, and in which his friend, the neurologist, passed away Melchior Rodrigo, the young man was transferred to the EIRA rehabilitation clinicthe place his family chose for his recovery.

Some days ago, some images of the son of Roberto Petinato in said foundationthree months after the traumatic episode.

They tell me that Felipe is very participative with all the activities and that he gets along very well with his recovery colleagues, and is also permanently accompanied by his family (…) They also have to commit to the treatment that their family has, it is a joint effort”indicated John Etchegoyen in “Miter Live”.

Some time after the accident, precisely the sister of the imitator of Michael Jackson Tamara Pettinato said: “We are a little calmer because time goes by and it is a matter of time before things calm down and improve and it is well known what happened. Luckily there are a lot of us in the family and we take turns”.

Tamara Pettinato spoke about the health of her brother, Felipe Pettinato.

In any case, in the last few hours the panelist shared on her social networks the other side of the difficult family situation they are experiencing. With a photo album in which she is seen crying, Tamara referred to her emotional state.

Tamara Pettinato shared photos crying.

“Summary of my reel the last few months… My brother says you shouldn’t take pictures of yourself crying. I guess it’s because we were taught to smile no matter what you feel. It is more comfortable for everyone. I prefer to cry alone and send photos. Don’t we all do it?” he reflected.

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