Tamara Klusová leaves three children and Tomáš: NERVES ON THE MARCH

“It occurred to me four years ago, when I was already nursing Jenovéfka, that I would actually like to be alone,” the mother of three is quoted by the CNN Prima News website. Thanks to the prompt response of her husband, who made Tamara immediately book a relaxation stay, one event became a regular activity.

Tomáš Klus and Tamara Klusová: They supported patients with ALS

“I used to perceive loneliness as something negative and sad, and suddenly I saw its new dimension. Since then I’ve been going away regularly every year and extending it,” she also admitted.

It was also about whether you would Trot they were able to introduce a fourth child. But the number will probably not increase. Tamara spoke about the limits of her own body and that another pregnancy would be too demanding for her. In the future, however, they would like to become foster parents and thus help children who need it.

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