Tamara Báez plucked out her eyelashes for a worrying reason: the photo

Tamara Baez She is used to sharing her life on social networks. the ex-partner of L-Ghent usually shown on Instagram fixed and with a lot of makeup, something that recently did not happen. the current girlfriend of unprepared He published a photo that caused concern among his followers and did not take long to tell what happened.

The young woman underwent many aesthetic touch-ups, including the lips and nose. When uploading a photo, a follower noticed his lack of eyelashes and asked: “What happened to your little eyes?”. tamara He shared the message they sent him and managed to respond: “I had an existential crisis and I plucked out my eyelashes”.

Tamara Baez via Instagram

Every time the ex-partner L-Ghent uploads an unretouched photo to Instagram, sparks controversy among his followers. She recently applied extensions, hyaluronic acid on the lips and extra large eyelashes. Furthermore, she recounted that after finishing breastfeeding her daughter Jamaica, Do you plan to have breast surgery?.

To close the hot day, Tamara Baez posted a photo wearing a red leotard and social networks exploded. In the photo, the influencer wears a red outfit with sunglasses, revealing her tattoos.

Tamara Báez was shown without eyelashes and worried her followers.

Tamara Báez was shown without eyelashes and worried her followers.

A few days ago, a TikTok user shared several photos of the media without makeup or filters. tamara was in an interview after an audit in General Rodríguez where he assured that L-Ghent He has not sent you money for more than three months. In the video, The young woman is seen with her face washed and quickly went viral.

Tamara Baez without makeup.

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