Tamara Báez, L-Gante’s girlfriend, exploded after being criticized for showing off: "If money bothers you…"

L-Ghent is at a great moment in his professional career and who accompanied him from the beginning of this arduous and tiring journey was his girlfriend from an early age, Tamara Báez.

Although they went through different love crises throughout their relationship, until a few weeks ago it was considered that they were separated but they quickly denied itTamara supports Elian Angel Valenzuela in everything you do, so He has little filter with criticism and does not hesitate to respond.

In this sense, the young 22 years went viral on social media when Facebook users called it “ostentatious” and she dedicated a sharp message to them in which she recalled her work as a milanese seller next to L-Gante.

Tamara Báez, L-Gante’s girlfriend, sign.

Last, If Tami Báez bothers you with money, second your boyfriends to sell milanese sandwiches or whatever comes for them to succeed together, they are hurt. They think they are good at sharing memes. I was 14 years old, a girl“wrote the Jamaican mom on her personal Facebook account.

Before the forceful posting, a close friend of the family celebrated his tenacity and perseverance: “High sandwiches were, on top of that, 24-hour service. Once I sent Elián and they did one for me at two in the morning. He who perseveres, achieves. They more than deserved it“.

Tamara Báez's response after being accused of showing off.

Tamara Báez’s response after being accused of showing off.

Look at the great gift that L-Gante gave Tamara Báez after the breakup rumors!

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