Tamara Báez, girlfriend of L-Gante, pointed out her haters: "Do you want followers?"

Tamara Baez He knew how to gain many followers on his social networks after the rise to fame of L-Ghent, although he always had arrival in his profiles. This brought him good times, but also a series of problems from people who don’t like him and point it out.

true to his style, Jamaican mother he seems unconcerned and he seems to enjoy the criticism he gets on his accounts. Through her Instagram stories, she left a mysterious message as a mockery of some comments that brought her closer in the last few hours.

“Would you like followers, girls? Hahaha you’re so cute!”he wrote alongside a photo of his roof in the new house he built L-Ghent after his success in his career. Tamara Baez He did not clarify who he was referring to. although he completed with a lot of irony for the questions that reached their ears: “I love you. I wish you the best of luck.”

Tamara Báez pointed at her haters.

Minutes later, he posted a response he received. Although she covered up the name they were referring to, it can be read: “A desire to appear has, no longer knows where else to hang.

It should be remembered that Tamara Baez She has already faced various criticisms, such as the upbringing of her daughter and even the style of nails she uses. She was also questioned for undergoing cosmetic operations, although she replied by explaining that her haters were envious of her.

Tamara Báez’s message on her Instagram account.

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