Talitha Morete’s attitude on ‘É de Casa’ goes viral and presenter is pointed out as racist on the web. Understand!

Another Globo program enters the crosshairs of a possible case of racism. After a guest of “Mais Você” was accused of doing “blackface”, Talitha Morete went viral with an attitude during the “It’s from Home” on Saturday (11).

THE presenter was accused of racism after having sent the only black guest on the show to serve cocada to the other guests and presenters. “Cilene, the owner of the cocada, will do the honors of the house, Cilene will serve everyone”, asked Talitha.

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Manoel Soares defends guest during ‘É de Casa’

Realizing the situation, fellow presenter Manoel Soares immediately removes the cocadas from the guest’s hand and reverses the game. “Let’s do this: I’m going to be your waiter and you’re going to guide me who I’m going to serve, because you’re not going to serve anyone,” he explained.

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Manoel’s attitude was applauded on social media. The news profile “Mundo Negro” was one of those that congratulated the presenter. “The wit of Manoel Soares in removing the black woman from the place of servitude and changing this unfortunate scenario live deserves applause! Thank you for your existence and attitude!”, wrote the profile in the video’s caption.

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