Taliban’s new ‘propaganda’, women covered from head to toe demonstrated, Ghani government accused of exploitation

Ever since the Taliban took over in Afghanistan, women there are in fear that the radicals may start atrocities on them as before. Women were also seen demonstrating against the Taliban. After this the Taliban issued a decree regarding the demonstration and banned it. However, the picture from Kabul on Saturday was shocking. Here women covered in burqa from head to toe were seen supporting the Taliban with placards in their hands.

It is being told that this is the new propaganda of Taliban to improve its image. It is not even clear from this demonstration whether there are women in the burqa or not. These so-called women who came out in support of the Taliban also gave a speech at Kabul University. About 300 women had gathered here. He said that the women who are protesting against the Taliban are betraying the country.

Dawood Haqqani, director of foreign affairs in the Taliban’s interim government, said the women had sought permission to demonstrate and they were given permission. Covered with black burqa from head to toe, gloves in hands first a woman said, We are against women who are protesting on the streets against this government.

He said, ‘Did women get freedom in the earlier government? No, it was not freedom. The government used to give jobs to women only because of their beauty and exploited them. There were some women present there who also had a child in their lap. At the same time, there were some who were so young that they were not fit for university yet. One of them, Shabana Omri, said, ‘The Taliban’s policy of covering from head to toe is absolutely correct. Women who don’t wear hijab harm us.

Another speaker said that history had changed after the Taliban arrived. You will no longer be seen as innocent after this. Women will be safe by wearing this. We support the new government. After the meeting here, the women also came out on the road a short distance away and demonstrated with a placard in hand, a Talibani flag. Let us tell you that in the past, the journalists covering the women’s demonstration were beaten up badly by the Taliban.

India’s official statement on Afghanistan ‘for the first time’
This is the first official statement from India after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has expressed concern about Afghanistan. He made the statement after the two plus two ministerial meeting between Australia and India. The Foreign Minister said that he is concerned about the rights of women in Afghanistan. Apart from this, there is also a possibility that Afghanistan may not become a safe haven for terrorists.

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