Talibans have turned US planes into swings and toys – Watch Video

Talibans have turned US planes into swings and toys- India TV Hindi
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American troops left Afghanistan but the fighter jets were handed over to the Taliban.

Kabul: American soldiers left Afghanistan but put everything from military equipment to fighter jets to the Taliban. There are also many weapons in Afghanistan that are no longer of any use to the Taliban. For example, there are at least 73 planes at Kabul’s International Airport that will never be able to fly again. Similarly, the Taliban claimed to have shot down several helicopters and planes during the fighting with the Afghan army. Pictures of such planes have surfaced many times from cities like Kandahar and Herat, and there are many planes that the Taliban do not have pilots to fly, they do not have people to look after them.

Now what to do with such weapons because they will not sell, so the Taliban has come up with a new formula for this. The Taliban now uses such weapons for their entertainment. In one video, some Taliban fighters were seen swinging. Now there is no harm in swinging, but it was surprising that these Taliban were using America’s fighter planes as a swing. Those fighters were swinging by tying a rope on the blades of the ships.

At least 4 Super Tucans Fighter Planes are visible in this video. The cost of a single plane is more than Rs 2000 crores, but since there is no one to fly them, the pilots of Afghanistan Air Force are not joining duty, so these planes worth more than 8000 crores are now being used for swinging.

At the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao has enjoyed America while sharing the video. Zhao wrote that ‘the cemeteries of the empires and their war machines … the Taliban have turned their planes into swings and toys.’ Even before this, many such videos of Taliban terrorists have come to the fore, in which they are seen dancing, and sometimes they are seen swinging in the children’s amusement park.

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