taliban-vs-australian-cricket-board-warns-militant-group-over-ban-on-women-sports-exposed-its-activities-afg-vs-aus – Taliban and Cricket Australia stuck, CA warns

The dispute between the Taliban and Cricket Australia has started escalating. After Abdullah Wasik’s statement on women’s cricket, Cricket Australia has given a big threat to Afghanistan men’s cricket.

A ruckus has started over the statement made by Taliban’s Cultural Commission Vice-Chairman Ahmadullah Wasik regarding women’s cricket. Where earlier Australia’s Sports Minister Richard Colbeck had demanded action from the International Cricket Council (ICC) on this matter. After this, the Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) has also given a big warning regarding Afghanistan cricket.

Cricket Australia (CA) has opposed Wasik’s statement that ‘women are not required to play cricket’. CA has clearly made it clear that if the Taliban regime in Afghanistan bans women’s cricket, then Australia will not host Afghanistan’s men’s team.

The Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) has also supported CA’s statement regarding this. CA has written in the statement that, ‘It is important for us to promote women’s cricket at the world level. We insist on making cricket equal for women at all levels. According to recent media reports, if women’s cricket does not get support in Afghanistan, then we will also have no option but to not host the upcoming men’s team series to be held in Hobart.

CA further wrote that, ‘We thank the Government of Australia and Tasmania for their support on this important issue.’ ACA has supported this statement of Cricket Australia and wrote that, ‘ACA strongly supports Cricket Australia’s statement. If Roya Samim and his players do not get a chance to play cricket, then we cannot even consider Rashid Khan’s team for the series against Australia.

What was Wasik’s statement?

Let us tell you that Abdullah Wasik had said, ‘There are such situations in cricket that the mouth and the body cannot be covered. Islam does not allow women to look like this. This is the age of media in which photos and videos will be seen. Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play cricket or sports in which the body is visible.

Significantly, before the Ashes series between Australia and Afghanistan, there was to be a Test match. This match is proposed to be played in Hobart from 27 November. But this match was postponed after the overthrow of power in Afghanistan. After Abdullah Wasik’s statement, there has been much speculation about the Taliban’s stance on cricket. At the same time, after this statement of Cricket Australia, the controversy seems to be increasing again.

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