Taliban engaged in getting the name of Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Haqqani removed from America’s wanted list

After including the Haqqani group in the new government of Afghanistan, the Taliban has now started trying to remove it from the US blacklist. The Taliban is reminding the US of the Doha Agreement for this.

After the inclusion of the terrorist organization Haqqani Group in the Afghan government, now the Taliban is trying to remove it from the US blacklist. For this, the Taliban is reminding America of the Doha Agreement.

The Taliban wants the Haqqani network member to be removed from the US sanctions list. The Haqqani group has emerged as the strongest group in the current Taliban government. Haqqani leader Sirajuddin Haqqani has got an important post like Home Minister. Sirajuddin is included in America’s most wanted list. That’s why the Taliban is now trying to get it recognized.

According to sources, the Taliban claimed that Haqqani’s presence on the blacklist was in violation of the Doha Agreement. The Taliban made it clear that the Pentagon’s blacklist position on its cabinet and family members of the Haqqani network would not be acceptable.

The Taliban said- “We consider this a clear violation of the Doha Agreement. Haqqani’s family is part of the Islamic Emirate and does not have a separate name and organization. By doing this America is interfering in our internal affairs. We do not accept this and it is a misleading position. The US should consider building diplomatic relations as soon as possible”. Taliban sources told CNN-News18.

When the Taliban announced their new interim government on Tuesday, it named four from the Haqqani network as cabinet members. According to reports, at least five members of the new cabinet are said to be on the UN banned list. The Taliban is also under UN and US sanctions.

The FBI has placed a $ 10 million bounty on Sirajuddin Haqqani, who has been given the responsibility of Interior Minister in the new government of Afghanistan by the Taliban. There has been no response from the US so far on this opposition to the Taliban. Although some American people trapped in Afghanistan have been allowed by the Taliban to stay in Afghanistan.

A US official said the Taliban had agreed to allow 200 American citizens to remain in Afghanistan. These citizens are stuck in Kabul due to the ban on chartered plane flight in Afghanistan.

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