Taliban Arrested in Britain: Afghan National arrested in Manchester as a suspected Taliban terrorist

Anti-terrorist police in Britain have arrested a suspected Taliban fighter from the city of Manchester. This Afghan national, along with his family, reached Britain as a refugee through an exit flight of the British army. Police said that this terrorist was staying at the Quarantine Hotel in Manchester after being evacuated from Kabul due to the Corona protocol. It is being claimed that the captured Afghan civilian was a Taliban spy.

The British army had given a seat in the flight
According to the Daily Mail report, the 33-year-old Afghan national has served with his country’s Special Forces and British soldiers. When Kabul was captured by the Taliban, it was airlifted by Britain’s Royal Air Force. The terrorist was controversially allotted a seat in the exit flight. However, many of the faithful translators who served in the British Army were left in Kabul.

Police did not make the identity public
British police have not made public the identity of the captured Afghan national. This Talibani reached Britain on 21 August with his wife and children. After which he was quarantined at the Park Inn Hotel in Manchester as per the Corona rules. Afghanistan is still included in Britain’s Red List, which compulsorily quarantines every person coming from there.

The arrest was made on August 31.
Around 4 a.m. on the morning of 31 August, the British Anti-Terrorist Police broke into his room in the hotel. After which the suspected Taliban terrorist sleeping with the family was arrested. He is kept at top security HMP Belmarsh in London. The police described the operation as very sensitive. There are claims that this Afghan national working with the British army was a spy of the Taliban.

The attack on the Afghan army was spied!
According to the claims, the captured Afghan civilian was linked to the disastrous Taliban attacks on Western-backed Afghan Special Forces soldiers. A commander was badly injured in this attack. He is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in the Midlands. Even after recovering, that commander could hardly lead a normal life. People who worked with the suspect said he had been questioned about the disappearance of explosives linked to the Taliban in Afghanistan and a large amount of currency.

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Suspected Taliban terrorist caught in UK

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