Tal back after his name change: this clue that proves that the singer would be at odds with Amir

Good news for fans of singer Tal! The pretty brunette who has also become a blonde, has just signed her resounding return to the music scene after several years of absence. It is now under the name of Taloula that she wishes to be recognized… and she intends to conquer the world since she returns with a new opus in English.

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What to sweep with a setback, the failure of his fourth album called Just a dream” released in 2018. “This 4th album, a big disaster, I was completely lost I still didn’t listen to myself, I was lying to myself. I was in a thing: ‘I have to make songs in French for the fans , otherwise they won’t understand anything, I’ll lose everything'” she explained about it on Instagram.

For her EP entitled “The Evolution of Taloula” in English, the 32-year-old singer has decided to move to London and has already performed on stage in the city several times since her comeback.

Tal cuts ties with his old life
Marked by the failure of her fourth album, Tal took a break from her career but also cleaned up her relationships and those around her, both friendly and professional. In March 2020, the singer said in a video that she was no longer signed by the Warner Music France label. His new EP was therefore released under his new label.

And if a few years ago, Tal appeared alongside big names in French song, she seems to have cut ties with all these artists, she who says she is now an “independent artist”, “more connected to her music”. Against all odds, Tal would also have cut ties with the singer, with whom she was very good friends and with whom she has shared the stage many times. Indeed the two artists no longer follow on Instagram…

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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