Takeover of Makro: “A dramatic situation for workers”, deplore the unions

Eleven Makro stores are on the verge of bankruptcy, which would lead to the loss of around 1,200 jobs, according to the group’s CEO. A bid from Dutch Sligro could save 500 Metro store workers.

Unions are protesting the uncertainty facing staff. “These are humans bruised by these years of guilt, tired by these numerous stimulus promises with crappy plans, exhausted from having been worn down by years of adaptation, professional rehabilitation and versatility”, sums up the common front.

Workers’ representatives denounce a process that lacked transparency. “From the start, the legal representatives have told us that the social criterion will be a priority in their choice. To this end, they had to communicate constantly. However, they made sign a charter of confidentiality to the trade unionists who would take part in the meetings. »

The common front is also angry with management, who has “limited social dialogue to the bare minimum” and with the CEO “who declares himself a candidate for taking over the most profitable slice of the cake when he is at the origin of these business plans that could only damage Makro’s image”.

The unions are therefore demanding that clarity be made as soon as possible and that “the delegated judge strongly reminds the legal representatives to a rigorous code of ethics”, in a file which involves more than 2,000 workers in total.

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