Taiwan, Chinese aircraft and ships cross the midline of the Strait. Taipei: “Highly provocative maneuvers”. Flights blocked

The tests of strength continue between the China And Taiwan. At 11 am local time (5 am in Italy), Chinese planes and warships crossed the midline of the Taiwan Strait. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the island, which in a note described the latest maneuvers by Beijing as “highly provocative”. Thus opens the second day of exercises in Strait of Taiwan where the tension rises more and more. Meanwhile, the airline Singapore Airlines canceled flights to and from Taiwan due to the “growing airspace restriction” due to dangerous Chinese military exercises in the strip of sea that separates the“rebel” island– as Beijing defines it – from China. “The safety of ours staff and passengers are the top priority, ”said the airline’s spokesperson in an interview with local media. “By adhering to the principle of preparing for war and not seeking war, the national army will work together to firmly defend national sovereignty and security,” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said after the announcement of the new Chinese military maneuvers.

After the visit in recent days by the speaker of the Chamber, Nancy Pelosi, in Taiwan, the tension in the Indo-Pacific does not seem to ease, quite the contrary. What you are witnessing around Taiwan it is a rapid and dangerous military escalation. To add fuel to the fire and irritate Beijingonce again, the statements of the representative of the American Chamber who, during his stay in Tokyothe final stage of his asian tour, said China will not isolate Taiwan by blocking US officials from traveling there. Pelosi directly accuses Beijing of having tried to isolate Taiwan even recently by preventing the island from joining WHO, the World Health Organization. “They may try to prevent Taiwan from visiting or participating in other places, but they will not isolate Taiwan by preventing us from traveling there,” the speaker said.

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