Taiwan: “China is simulating an attack on the island”. US Secretary Blinken: “Disproportionate reaction, no to destabilizing actions”

On the third day of full-scale military exercises around the island, China is simulating a real attack on Taiwan. To say so is the Taipei Defense Ministry, stating that they have been several fighters and ships of the People’s Liberation Army were detected “Around the Strait”, with some that “They crossed the midline” in a “possible simulated attack” action. The tension is thus further skyrocketing in the Pacific, with China implementing an escalation of strength following the visit of the Speaker of the US Chamber, Nancy Pelosi, in Taiwan. A visit harshly contested also by North Koreawhich has returned to lash out at the United States: the accusation of Pyongyang (China’s number one ally) is to “add fuel to the fire” and for Pelosi to be “The worst destroyer of peace and stability at the international level“, Reports the Kcna agency that releases a statement by Jo Yong Sam, director general of the Information Department of the North Korean Foreign Ministry.

The speaker of the House “fomented the atmosphere of confrontation with North Korea during his visit to South Korea”, they say again from Pyongyang, and with the South Korean authorities he spoke of a “strong and expanded deterrence “ to deal with “threats from North Korea” and “even showed up” in Panmunjom, where in 2019 Donald Trump met Kim Jong Un. “The United States has to pay dearly for all the sources of trouble she created, wherever she went, ”thundered the North Koreans. The US replied immediately: “President Pelosi has the right to make that visit, as many members of our Congress have visited Taiwan, again this year. But regardless, China’s reaction is so disproportionate and so dangerous, no matter what you hear about the visit: the launch of 11 ballistic missiles, including on Taiwan; sending his ships around Taiwan. Five of the missiles he launched landed near Japan, ”said the US secretary of state Antony Blinken visiting the Philippines. The United States will keep open channels with China to avoid “communication errors”, she then assured, stressing that both Washington and the whole world have a “constant interest” in keeping the dialogue open. The former president also joined the debate Donald Trump: “What did Nancy Pelosi go to do in Taiwan? To complicate things?He began by opening his rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin. On Friday, in fact, China announced that it had suspended cooperation with the United States on eight dossiers, including meetings in the field of defense and cooperation on the climate.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese military reported that its units on the main island of Kinmen and neighboring ones have taken over four small unmanned aircraft, off the coast on Friday night. The four drones were spotted flying over Kinmen, Lieyu and the islet of Beiding, according to the Kinmen Defense Command. In response, the military fired warning rockets to repel the drones, which are believed to be operated by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Kinmen, also known as Quemoy, is a group of islands administered by the Republic of China (official name of Taiwan), located just 10 kilometers east of the city of Xiamen, in the Chinese province of Fujian. The local armed forces have used, a statement reads, “alert transmissions, aircraft, military patrol ships and land missile systems in response to this situation”.

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