Taís Araújo shares photos from a 15th birthday party: "my mother forced me"

Today, the actress Tais Araújo used her Instagram profile to share rare clicks from her 15th birthday party.

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“Club of debutantes who didn’t want to take pictures: 1 member! At that time I was already working as a model and I didn’t even want to party, let alone take pictures, but my mother forced me to have a party with a photographer”, commented the actress in the caption of her post.

“Today I regret not having taken better pictures of this moment. Aiai, mom is not all the same, but they always know a lot, right? PS: YES! Isabel Fillardis and we’ve known each other all this time”, explained the artist.

In November last year, Taís Araújo shared a click with her husband, Lázaro Ramos, rrecording a trip the couple was taking to celebrate the actress’s 43rd birthday. Without makeup and wearing a bathrobe, she posed with her husband on the balcony of the room she is staying in Portugal.

“I’m a real Sagittarius, the one who celebrates her birthday at lunch and dawns on another continent! Hahaha! Viva Portugal!”, joked the artist in the caption of her post.

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