Taís Araujo delivers a scolding to Walcyr Carrasco in the backstage of a soap opera; author rebate actress

Taís Araujo spoke about the backstage of “Xica da Silva”, who starred on TV Manchete in 1996, and revealed that had a conflict with Walcyr Carrasco, author of the novel, by refusing to do a certain sex scene of the plot.

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Taís participated in the panel of interviewers of “Roda Viva”, spoke with Zeze Motta about the character that both have played and exposed the difficult situation they experienced on the film set.

“Xica was portrayed, many times, on the erotic side. When I went to do it, I was 17 to 18. The moment I denied doing an anal sex scene, Walter Avancini and Walcyr Carrasco went to say that I was turning her into ‘Maria Chiquinha'”, he recalled, talking about the backstage of the serial in which Zezé gave life to the protagonist’s mother.

Talis Araujo’s report surprises Zezé Motta

Taís’ report that he was told off behind the scenes of the telenovela when he refused to film the intimate scene surprised Zezé. “My God, that’s crazy. Do you know that this story you told, I never knew?”, commented the veteran, who played Xica in the film of the same name, released in 1976. Then, Taís took up her question to Motta.

“I want to know about you, who Xica da Silva was”, asked the wife of Lázaro Ramos, with whom she starred in a nude essay for a magazine. “She was a fantastic woman, empowered, brave, ahead of her time. But they always find something to criticize, right?”, replied Zezé. “Some people don’t understand because it’s just the erotic part, but she had very interesting attitudes too,” he added.

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