Taeyeon: OST of dramas sung by the idol that will make you cry

Kim Taeyeon is known for her vocal strength, this performer can touch hearts with the verses of her songs and that is why she has some drama OSTs that move anyone.

In it k popartists not only succeed within groups that specialize in singing and dancing, there are also duos, bands that play their own musical instruments and even talented soloists who move us with each song.

taeyeon debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation and was also named the leader of the girls groupbut after debuting as a soloist he was able to explore other facets of his career within the world of entertainment.

Her melodies usually conquer the public, but she has also become known as an expert in interpreting OST of Korean dramas, because her melodious voice carries an emotional charge to each track, which makes it perfect to accompany the scenes of a Serie.

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Taeyeon’s OSTs that will connect you with the emotions of K-Dramas

The story of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo He has made thousands of fans cry with his story, but only the OST is enough to recall all the feelings in the story.

This song was part of the OST of Beethoven virus in 2008 and became the singer’s first track for a drama.

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This is Taeyeon’s most recent OST for a Korean drama, it accompanies some scenes from Our Blues and reinforces the nostalgia that we see in much of the story.

The song belongs to the soundtrack of Moon Hotel and it is another proof of the talent of this girl, because in addition to accompanying the drama, she became one of the favorites of the fans.

This singer was also part of the drama jirisanwhere he sang a soft melody that caught the fans of the series.

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