Taeyang created a meme that all idols want to recreate, what is it?

BIGBANG’s Taeyang is one of the most admired idols of the second generation of K-Pop. Not only because of his great talent, but also because of his fun and outgoing personality. At a concert, instead of greeting his fans, the rapper decided to sing the greeting and since then many idols have replicated this scene.

Taeyang BIGBANG’s has always been known for his incredible singing talent, releasing hits like Eyes.Nose.Lips and Wedding Dress. Therefore, even when he interacts with his fans at a concert he sings, but at one point it became meme and all the idols it imitate.

Taeyang has many iconic memes. // Source: Twitter @givenchy

Several years ago, at a BIGBANG Taeyang concert as a soloist, the idol came up to greet the audience in a very peculiar way and that moment became one of the most memes most iconic of K-Pop.

Idols like BLACKPINK and NCT have decided to recreate this meme at their own concerts, unable to avoid referencing the popular second-generation K-Pop idol. Do you want to see those moments?

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Idols who have recreated the meme of Taeyang singing the greeting to his fans at a concert

Several years ago, at a BIGBANG Taeyang concert. The idol decided to greet his fans in a unique way: by harmoniously singing ‘Hello everyone, how are you?’. However, this moment ended up becoming a meme.

  • Taeyang moment that became a meme. // Source: Twitter @vipstrugling

Many artists have decided to imitate this moment and among them is BLACKPINKwho during one of his concerts imitated the idol’s phrases while laughing.

  • BLACKPINK imitating Taeyang’s meme. // Source: Twitter @vipstrugling

During NEO CITY: THE LINK, Taeyong from NCT 127 also imitated the Taeyang meme, while being focused by the screens he did not hesitate to sing like the idol.

  • NCT’s Taeyong recreating the Taeyang meme. // Source: Twitter @vipstrugling

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kim jahwan, former WANNA ONE member also decided to do the same at one of his concerts. Making everyone present laugh at her occurrence.

  • Kim Jaehwan imitating the Taeyang meme. // Source: Twitter @vipstrugling

CIX’s Seunghun didn’t want to be left behind either, and the idol decided to imitate Taeyang’s scene at one of the group’s concerts as well. Proving that they will always admire the idol a lot.

  • CIX’s Seunghun doing the Taeyang meme. // Source: Twitter @vipstrugling

Lastly, the same Taeyang he could not miss recreating his own meme and in a new interview for VIBE promotions he said it again. You can see it here:

  • Taeyang recreating his own meme. // Source: Twitter @vipstrugling

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