Taemin is brave in the face of depression, other soldiers check it out

Taemin will finish his military service as a public servant, but there is no doubt that he always tried his best and did his best in the military.

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Recent updates of SM Entertainment disclosed that the idol would be transferred and would end his duty as a public servant, this because he has been facing depression Y anxiety, but recently his condition had some effects.

There are several ways to fulfill this duty in South Korea, one of them is through military training and another is with public service, the latter being an alternative for those who, due to some problem of Health or physical condition cannot perform adequately in training, as this could cause them greater difficulties.

Now what Taemin will conclude his military service in another way, his colleagues after enlistment have shared some stories by his side and the perception they have of the singer, which show how strong this is singer.

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What was it like meeting Taemin in the army?

After his transfer became a much talked about topic on the networks, some of his colleagues in the military service They used said medium to reveal that if this measure was taken, it was really for the health of the member of SHINee and they even showed their admiration for how strong he was while he was with them.

Between the messages, the young recruits revealed that Taemin always had his medicine doses and took them consistently, since from the beginning he was following a treatment. They could see that it was not easy but the idol always showed his charisma and kindness.

Even if he was in pain, he would show us a bright side of himself as someone older than us dongsaengs, and even play with us.

SHINee’s Taemin. | Source: Instagram @taemin___day319

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In addition, they said that Taemin took sleeping pills but despite this it was common for the idol to not be able to fall asleep or to wake up because of nightmares. However, his determination and good personality came out again giving advice and taking care of others.

Even though he was sick, he was a good hyung who always took more care of others (…) when we parted ways, he told us to keep our heads up and encouraged us

Taemin was afraid of criticism and his classmates showed him their support

According to one of the accounts, one of the soldiers With whom he was in his service, he revealed that the idol feared that if he left the position he was in at that time, people would speak, probably because many would have the idea that he was just evading his responsibility, however it seems to be the opposite .

The stories of his classmates reveal that this boy always did his best, diligently fulfilled each of his tasks and training, so they expressed their wishes that no one think badly of his transfer and instead, appreciate everything he has endured .

Another idol who is currently serving his military service is MONSTA X’s Shownu, find out when his duty ends.

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