Taehyung chooses between BTS and ARMY, who is funnier?

ARMY is still trying to figure out if V’s answer was a mistake or a very funny honest answer. Who do you think is more fun? ARMY or BTS? The singer shared his opinion in a message to fans.

We know that whenever the members of BTS are together there is guaranteed fun, they have a great friendship that includes all kinds of qualities, but every time fans see them together they know that they will end up with a smile on their face and that they will also hear them laugh. with unmissable jokes and conversations.

But ARMY is not far behind, this fandom of the K-Pop group has everything: wit, good memory, memes and many other elements that undoubtedly encourage anyone.

Who among them would win in the ‘funniest’ category? fans of bts motivated v to choose from and the response was totally unexpected.

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BTS’s V thinks ARMY isn’t funny? This was answered by the singer

taehyung He was reviewing Weverse and answering some comments from fans, it was there that the idol found himself with the question of who is funnier, BTS or ARMY? The answers could be many, both have a lot of potential to win the first place and we could even hope that V would choose to select both, but it was not like that.

BTS’s V responds to ARMY on Weverse. | Source: Instagram @taehyung.bighitmusic

Without saying it directly, V chose BTS, but it was because the singer pointed out that ARMY was not funny and also added a smiley face emoji. QUE?

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ARMY wants to show V his great sense of humor

Taehyung’s unexpected response caused a great surprise in the fans, who couldn’t help but laugh at the singer’s message that he confidently denied that they were funny. oops!

But the moment did not go unnoticed and many fans on social media invited others to show off their talents when it comes to a sense of humor, so memes, comments and recollections of local jokes appeared everywhere.

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