Taehyung awakens the mystery during a date, who did he go out with?

ARMY’s curiosity was present when finding out who accompanied V on a mysterious date, the answer came with a photo that surprised BTS fans.

While the performers of Permission To Dance they are still enjoying their break, at no time have they lost contact with their fans and, in fact, now there seems to be more content coming from everywhere.

V is one of the members of BTS which updates to ARMY more frequently and it was so that he took all his followers to know a little about his day, including an evening outing to enjoy some dishes.

However, when the idol shared one Photo From that moment, a person remained on the other side of the table, only that in the image you cannot see who it is.

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BTS’s V knows how to have fun and arouses ARMY’s curiosity

The photo was originally posted on Instagram Taehyung, giving way to assumptions of who could be accompanying the singer On that evening, however, it would be the BTS account that would reveal the truth.

While in the photo of V only part of the outfit of the other person wearing a green shirt could be seen, some time later the group account on Twitter would be updated with the face of the person who wore this outfit, who is it?

Photo posted by V. | Source: Instagram @thv

V’s mysterious date is revealed

The person sitting in front of Taehyung was none other than J-Hope, both BTS idols met to hang out and enjoy a meal surrounded by an amazing view, but without even planning it they sparked the mystery with a photo.

J-Hope at a dinner with V. | Source: Twitter @BTS_twt

Surely no one imagined that the revelation behind said image would come so quickly and from the hands of the idols themselves. LOL!

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