Tadić speaks out about favorite role: “That’s normal when you’re Ajax”

Dusan Tadić understands that Ajax is often designated as a favourite. Ajax was also designated by many people as a favorite for The Classic, but could not crown this role with a victory. The captain of Ajax is disappointed by the defeat against Feyenoord, but says he does not want to give up.

Tadić speaks out about this favorite role. ‘It’s normal when you’re Ajax. You have become champion four times in a row and you have the most trophies in Dutch football,” Tadić said at the press conference after the lost Classic. “If you play at home, you are of course a favourite. It doesn’t matter who our opponent is.’

The title now seems far away, the captain of Ajax also knows. “It’s not in our heads right now, because someone else is in the driver’s seat. We like to be in that position ourselves, but we are not in that position,” said the attacker, who knows that the last games will have to be won. “Then we’ll see what happens.”

“If Kudus makes the 3-2, it’s different”

Tadić saw that the Classic could go in many directions. “We have had better phases than them, but also the other way around. So the first half was ours. But in the second half – and especially in the first quarter – they were better.’ Mohammed Kudus had a great opportunity in the final phase to shoot his team to victory, but saw his attempt stopped in spectacular fashion. “If Kudus makes the 3-2, it’s different.”

During the upcoming international match, Ajax players can recover mentally, Tadić continues. ‘It’s not a nice feeling, because you have to beat your biggest opponents. We now need to get some rest in our heads and when we come back, there are still eight games to go. We must give everything.’

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