Tadić speaks out about difficult childhood: “You become stronger and sharper when you learn to survive”

Dusan Tadić no longer feels pressure when he starts a football match, he says in an interview with it General Journal. The captain of Ajax tells about a difficult period in his youth, in which Tadić had to hide a lot in the air raid shelter because of the Kosovo war.

In 1999, the war moves to Tadić’s hometown. ‘It was a terrible experience,’ says the Ajax player. ‘I was ten years old. It’s a long time ago. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember certain things. That the planes flew past every hour and the bombs fell nearby.’ This meant that Tadić had to go to the shelter a lot. ‘We had to flee. You never know exactly where they’ll fall.’

After the war, Tadić continues what he started, becoming a professional football player. The experiences of the war helped the Serb. “You become stronger and sharper as you learn to survive. After that you don’t get scared anymore’, says Tadić, who then also indicates that he no longer feels pressure. “People talk about pressure in football, but I hardly feel it. After all, it’s nothing compared to the pressure that comes with it when your life is in danger.’

Serbian football players are often known to the rest of the world as football players with a lot of temperament. It is often said that that is something negative, but Tadić disagrees. You want to show that you care and that you want the best for yourself, your team and your country. You know things don’t always turn out the way you want, but you have to keep fighting to find your goal. Giving up is not an option for us’, says the captain of Ajax.

Serbia at the World Cup

Tadić is on it with Serbia World Cup in Qatar in a group with Brazil, Switzerland and Cameroon. Not an easy task, Tadic also sees that, who still believes that his country can go far. “To be honest, we consider it as if we are heading towards war. To win, we go that little bit further. That is the urge to survive, which I think South Americans or Africans who have known little luxury also have.’

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