Tadic realistic after Serbia defeat: “It was very difficult against this Brazil”

Resignation prevails at Dusan Tadic after the World Cup match between Brazil and Serbia (2-0). The Serbs put up good resistance for an hour, but eventually had to acknowledge their superiority the Divine Canaries. Tadic would have liked to win, but also recognizes that the circumstances were not in the Serbian favor.

“Brazil was very good and in the first half we defended well, but in the second half it became difficult and after the 1-0 even more difficult,” Tadic opens his analysis in conversation with the NOS. Serbia played compact and defensive for a long time, to avert the Brazilian attacks. “Normally we play with more positional play and we put more pressure, but today it was difficult,” Tadic admits.

The many movements and changes of position of the Brazilians posed a major challenge for Serbia, says Tadic, who is already looking forward to the next group match with Cameroon. “You want to win every game, but against this Brazil it was very difficult. We have to look at the next game and get to the next round.’

Serbia bottom of Group H


Due to the 2-0 defeat, Serbia is in last place in Group H after the first match day. In addition to opponent Brazil, Cameroon and Switzerland are also included. The game between those teams ended earlier on Thursday in a 1-0 victory for the Swiss. Match day two is scheduled for Monday in Group H. Then Serbia will play against Cameroon at 11 a.m. Dutch time, where André Onana will defend the goal. Former Ajax player Antony, who incidentally spoke briefly with Tadic after the match, will face Switzerland with Brazil at 5 p.m.

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