Tadeu Schmidt reveals unusual request for elimination on ‘BBB’ after being stopped in ‘police raid’

Presenter confirmed for ‘BBB 23’, Tadeu Schmidt said that experienced an unusual situation in his first year running Globo’s reality show, which received a major sponsor for the next season. In an interview with the newspaper Meio e Mensagem, Tadeu said he was stopped by police in February this year. The agents wanted to ask for the elimination of a participant from the “BBB”.

According to the presenter, he was pulled over around 2am by the police. “I thought about what I had done at that time to get the policeman to stop me. I got scared,” he said. “The policeman stopped me, asked me to roll down the window and said: ‘Tadeu, this person has to leave, she’s horrible.’ I laughed, of course. But what I want to say is this: the BBB stirs the passion of fans, it’s like football fans“, he added.

Tadeu Schmidt reveals career changes after the BBB

With news for the next edition, the stay of Tadeu Schmidt is one of them. The presenter said that commanding the “BBB” is a unique experience🇧🇷 “It was something very different from anything I’d done in my career. I basically learned how to host a show live in front of millions of people. It was something very challenging, I got scared, but in the end everything worked out, and I want this experience to last“, commented.

With the replacement of “Fantástico”, which made a revealing interview with Gal Costa’s son after the singer’s death, for “BBB”, Tadeu started to do advertising campaigns, something I haven’t done before. “I always try to put something my way, whenever I can I ask if I can change this or change that. all day recording to air with a lot of whim, something very short“, he completed.

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