Tadeu Schmidt remembers the June party with his daughters: "Last I went was at the beginning of the century"

Thaddeus Schmidt took advantage of this Thursday (23/06) to remember a June party with her daughters, Laura and Valentina, and shared an old record on social media.

On Instagram, the presenter showed a click, still young, during the early 2000s, with the two children:

#tbt June party. I ADORE! But the last one I went to was around that time. At the beginning of the century. You’ve noticed that we invest in costumes, right? Laura was a baby and already had a beautiful dress! Valentina, then.”

“What about the June festival foods? How delicious! Which is your favorite? Mine is hominy! But it’s only good if it’s what my mother-in-law makes! Where’s the picture of my mother-in-law making hominy, production? There never is”, joked Schmidt in the caption.

At the beginning of the month, the artist used the profile to pay tribute to his youngest daughter, Laura, who turned 18 years old. In addition to Laura, he is the father of Valentina, 19, from her relationship with Ana Cristina Schmidt.

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