Tadeu Schmidt enjoys trip with his wife in Iceland: "Rejuvenesci"

Thaddeus Schmidt enjoyed his vacation trip in Iceland, with his wife, Ana Cristina, and shared records of the tours on social networks, revealing that he had not traveled alone with Ana since 2000.

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On his Instagram account, Tadeu tried to keep his trip a secret and said: “I wanted to go on an almost secret trip… I really wanted to disconnect from the world! But I couldn’t stand the emotion when we saw the aurora borealis and ended up posting here. It was awesome! The first one goes! here: beautiful walks to enjoy an exuberant nature, often very different from ours. We visited glaciers! Take a look at the blue of this ice!”.

“We even entered an ice cave! Greater adventure walking on ice! And the black sand beach?! Awesome, right?! Plus, we even saw beautiful canyons and waterfalls! Renovating days! Inspiring airs! Something very different for a moment so special,” he said in one of the publications, showing several records of the adventure. In another post, he posted pictures alongside his wife and stated:

“And here’s the second part of the trip. In fact, the second objective: Relax! We love (we insist on) traveling with our daughters, but they had exams and commitments and couldn’t. So, my Ana Cristina and I did the first one The couple’s exclusive trip since our honeymoon in 2000! We stayed in a hotel surrounded by thermal pools. Outside, zero degrees. In water, more than 38°. And the water is rich in products that come from a geothermal plant next door.”

Schmidt continued: “They say it’s good… I know I even made those ‘mud’ masks, you know? On my face and all over my body! I’ve never done that in my life! I think my skin got softer. If you find it strange that there is a presenter who is too young at BBB, this is where I got rejuvenated!”, he joked.

“And you know that scheme of spending the whole day in a bathing suit, bathrobe and slippers? So… I almost got tired of resting! I’m ready for battle!!! Bora!”, concluded the presenter, celebrating.

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