Sylvie Tellier hospitalized: Why did the boss of Miss France refuse to find her children?

Sylvie Tellier gave an interview to Gala. The former Miss France spoke about her participation in Mask Singer. The boss of the Misses had hidden herself in the costume of the Chameleon. “The shooting took place in July, and we can only tell one person. I then made everyone believe that I was on vacation with my mother in Les Sables d’Olonne… When I left the game, the children jumped on me saying: ‘Hey! it’s you who teach us that we should never lie!’

Only the mother of the family was forced to lie to her children Oscar (11 years old), Margaux (7 years old) and Roméo (3 years old). And what excuse did she give to her offspring? Holidays in Les Sables d’Olonne. The ex-beauty queen had taken care to put her husband Laurent in the confidence. His skiing accident at the end of December 2021 has been mentioned. In Avoriaz, during a fall she suffered a rupture of the internal ligament and the anterior cruciate. “When I had surgery on March 25, I could have been released the same day. I asked them to keep me overnight!”began the director of the Miss France committee before revealing that she had once again “lied”. “I didn’t want to go home, where the children wouldn’t have understood that their mum couldn’t get up”she said so as not to panic them.

Miss France: Sylvie Tellier on the start?

For fifteen years, Sylvie Tellier has served as general manager of the Miss France society. But according to The Parisiannegotiations are underway internally to prepare for his departure. “Sylvie has often said that she will not last forever at the head of Miss France. The time has come”, revealed one of his relatives on a daily basis. To replace it, the company Miss France would already have a name in mind. And it would be Cindy Fabre, elected Miss France in 2005. The one who is project manager at Ema Event where she organizes seminars, congresses, product launches or even cultural and sporting events had been selected in the jury 100% feminine of the hundredth national election of Miss France in 2020.

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