Sylvie Tellier at war against her sister Delphine: the companion of Jean-Pascal Lacoste sets things straight!

“You don’t choose your parents, you don’t choose your family…”, sings Maxime Le Forestier in his title “Born somewhere”: this is an adage that many must repeat sometimes. This is perhaps the case of Sylvie Tellier not frankly in the odor of sanctity with some members of her family. And in particular with his sister Delphine, companion of Jean-Pascal Lacoste. Indeed, the relations between the general manager of the company Miss France and her sister Delphine Tellier have deteriorated since the former resident of the Star Academy broke into the siblings.

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In December 2021, still on the social network for sharing images, during a live with the columnist of TPMP, Delphine Tellier was questioned about her relationship with Sylvie Tellier. “There is nothing to say because there is no relation“she blurted out.”Frankly, we are getting married on June 25, 2022 with Delphine, we will send her the announcement, he announced last November in The Luxury Moment. If she comes and all is well, it is with great pleasure. Here we are, we meet. And then afterwards we don’t have to appreciate each other, but at least we will have seen each other.“declared Jenifer’s ex-boyfriend in L ‘instant De Luxe on Télé Star Play.

Delphine Tellier restores the truth about her sister Sylvie

As for Internet users, some have made their choice. “I find you very nice unlike one of your sisters who is very haughty“, launches one of them to Delphine Tellier. But quite surprisingly, the young woman does not increase. On the contrary, she tries to soften the image of the former Miss France.”But despite what is happening between us, it is an image. In truth, she is not like that “, notes the future wife of Jean-Pascal Lacoste.

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