Sylvester Stallone regrets Rocky-Aus: That’s why he’s dissatisfied with “Creed 3”

“Creed 3” is the first part of the famous boxer series in which Rocky will not play a role. Sylvester Stallone not only regrets that, as he has now revealed.

One of the living film legends is undoubtedly Sylvester Stallone, who represented icons with characters like Rocky Balboa and John Rambo and celebrated great success. However, their times are now over. “Rambo 6” will not come as Stallone wanted, but according to him a new part goes in the direction of the prequel and tells the story of a young Rambo. He also had to say goodbye to a planned “Rocky 7”, which he really didn’t like about the responsible Hollywood producer Irwin Winkler and his sons.

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The show continues in the boxer franchise without Sly, as the spin-off series about Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) does without the upcoming one “Creed III” completely on Rocky Balboa for the first time. As a producer, Stallone gets loud IMDB still led to “Creed III”, but apparently he no longer had much of a say. Because in an interview with The Hollywood Reporters Sylvester Stallone is disappointed with Rocky’s end and the general direction in which the offshoots are developing. When asked if it was weird for him to see the film without himself in it, the Hollywood star replied:

“This is a unfortunate situationbecause I know what [der Film] could have been. He was taken in a direction that quite different from what I would have done. It’s a different philosophy – that of Irwin Winkler and Michael B. Jordan. I wish them all the best, but I’m much more of a sentimentalist. I like my heroes getting beat up, but I don’t want them to get into that dark realm. I just feel like people have had enough gloom [in ihren Leben].”

You can watch the first trailer for Creed 3 here:

How different is Creed 3 from the rest of the Rocky series?

According to Stallone, “Creed 3” will therefore immerse itself in a thoroughly depressing mood, which he would not have aimed for. As an emotional person, he is probably more concerned with enabling people to escapism with his works and that the heroes he portrays are put through their paces, but ultimately triumph and do not break down in the face of the challenges. The “Rocky” series in particular was characterized by this philosophy, just think about it the emotional speechwhich Rocky tells his son Robert (Milo Ventimiglia) about failure and giving up in “Rocky Balboa,” and which many consider to be a highlight of the franchise.

Accordingly, we can now be excited to see how much “Creed 3” deviates from this philosophy. In it, things are going really well for Adonis, both professionally and privately, until Damian (Jonathan Majors), his former childhood friend, enters the scene. After serving a prison sentence, he wants to really take off as a boxer – and Adonis stands in his way. You can find out how their conflict ends from that onwards March 2, 2023 in the cinemas.

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