Switzerland in Europe: security, stability and solidarity

Switzerland’s participation in the Prague summit, which launched the European Political Community last month, did not arouse any debate in the country, observed Mr. Pascal Couchepin, former President of the Confederation. He was speaking during the eighth Switzerland-Europe seminar which took place on November 11 at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Mr. Enrico Letta, former President of the Italian Council of Ministers and President of the Jacques Delors Institute, presented during the same debate the outlines of this new construction of which he was the forerunner. We know that the project to bring together all the states of the continent was proposed to the European Parliament by President Emmanuel Macron on May 9. Originally, the aim was to create a circle outside the EU to allow the nine candidate countries, and those who aspire to become one in the Western Balkans, to dialogue on an equal footing with the Member States. of the EU. The processing of applications can take years, even decades: the return of war in Europe makes it necessary to demonstrate without delay the unity of the European countries members of the EU and their future partners, who share a common base of values ​​in the face of Russian aggression. Mr Letta pointed out that it took less than six months for the EU to realize this idea. In the meantime, the European Council has modified it: it has renounced establishing a link with the enlargement of the Union and demanding that supporters recognize themselves in the values ​​of the EU. This is how the list was opened up to authoritarian countries – Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as countries that do not plan to join the EU – to EFTA members, including Switzerland , as well as in the United Kingdom.

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