Swine fever in Rome, the emergency widens. Animal rights activists: "No to the slaughter of wild boars"

Rome, 13 May 2022 – Swine fever, the emergency does not stop in Rome. “We are awaiting the analyzes on two more dead boars: suitable, rapid and decisive measures are needed “. This was announced by the regional health councilor, Alessio D’Amatostruggling with the monitoring data activated in recent weeks throughout the capital, where dozens of dead carcasses and some confirmed cases have been found in recent weeks.

“We need rapid and decisive interventions”, underlines D’Amato. “So far the only ordinance is the regional one. I hope that in the next few hours the National Commissioner for the emergency of the plague swine assume suitable measuresquick and decisive ”, he adds.

After the reports a Rome and in various parts of Italy of wild boars affected by African swine fever, the Municipalities are preparing action plans to deal with the emergency, plans which also include programmed killing. Another emergency in Rome is that of waste: the massive presence of wild boars and wild animals in the different districts of the city, in fact, it is influenced by the amount of garbage, which attracts animals in search of food.

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Swine fever Rome, two other suspected cases

The appeal: “Stop the slaughter of wild boars”

One has popped up petition addressed to the Lazio Region, departing from Parma and signed by 36 animal welfare associations Italian. 40,428 signatures have been collected so far to ask not to kill wild boars to stem swine fever. “Follow the example of the Emilia Romagna Region, which avoided the extermination of the gray squirrels, saving them all”, say the promoters of the appeal, the Meta Parma, Avi Parma, Salviamo i macaques of Parma associations.

“After Liguria and Piedmont, another slaughter of wild boars will start shortly, this time in Lazio. Another 24 hours, at most 48, then, as rumored in the Region, the extraordinary commissioner appointed by the government to counter the advance of swine fever will give the green light for the killing wild boars. Angelo Ferrari is ready to sign and Lazio to implement the order of him, while Federcaccia has already made itself available for the extraordinary hunting campaign“, explain the animal rights activists.

The time has come stop this slaughter of animals – they add – a massacre that in addition to destroying other creatures, is leading our own species towards self-destruction. Killing animals is not the solution, killing them is the whole problem, and it is increasingly evident. The real solution to all viruses and pandemics would be close the slaughterhouses and stop slaughtering animals and the planet itself “.

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