Swine fever in Rome, new ordinance on the way. "Defined boundaries and rules"

Rome, 13 May 2022 – Swine feverin Rome ascertained six cases. As one is about to go out new ordinance which will set boundaries and rules. It will be signed by Commissioner to the emergency, Angelo Ferrari. The Undersecretary of Health announced it, Andrea Costa. That in recent days he had anticipated to Qn.net: “I will work because yes reopen ahunting activity specific for theculling of the heads, not only in the red areas where Psa has occurred. Indeed, I hope that the emergency phase will allow us to address and solve the problem of excessive presence of wild boars in our country “.
Today the undersecretary reiterated on TV: “We must implement initiatives to contain swine fever and prevent an important sector for our country, such as the swine sector, which has a turnover of around 7 billion euros, from being put at risk”.

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Too many wild boars

“The other problem – added Costa – is that of excessive presence of wild boars on our territory. We have to put in place a plan that foresees a significant reduction. We need to re-establish a balance that requires wild boars to continue to live and exist but in their habitat and not in streets and historic centers “.

“I welcome the statements of Undersecretary Costa, we had asked for timeliness in the ordinance and suitable measures to reduce the pressure of wild boars. From the Zooprophylactic Institute they confirm that there are six positive cases all referring to the same area”, the assessor’s comment. health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato.

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