Swg polls: Fratelli d’Italia continues to grow and breaks through 30 percent. The M5s rises and consolidates second party ahead of the Democratic Party

On the one hand Brothers of Italy which grows by almost another point in a week (+0.7 percent) and breaks through 30 percent (30.1%). On the other the 5 star movement which earns 0.2 percent (17%) and is second one point behind Democratic partyon the other hand, stopped at 16 percent. Less than a month after taking office Giorgia Meloni in Parliament, Swg confirms the growth in the approval of Fdi and, at the same time, the positive trend of 5 stars.

The Dems, in the middle of the congressional phase and while the chaos over the candidates for the Regionals continues, remain nailed to 16 and well over 20 percent in recent months. As for the other majority parties, the trend is also positive for the Carroccio which reaches 8.1% (+0.4) e Come on Italy to 6.8% (+0.5). Live action-Italy instead it decreased to 8 per cent (-0.4). They also dropGreen-Left alliance at 3.8% (-0.2), Italexit at 2.1% (-0.4), Popular Union at 1.3% (-0.3). Slightly growing + Europe at 2.9% (+0.2). The survey was carried out between 9 and 14 November 2022.

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