Sweden has volunteered – but Zelensky himself will: ‘Next year, Ukraine will host Eurovision’

With its victory on Saturday night, Ukraine has not only won the Eurovision trophy, but also the right to hold the competition on Ukrainian soil next year.

But as Russian forces continue to wage war in the country, it is not yet a given that Ukraine has neither the opportunity, profits nor resources to stack a show on its feet in 2023.

And the European Broadcasting Union is well aware of this, says EBU’s executive supervisor Martin Österdahl.

»We congratulate Ukraine and the Kalush Orchestra for their victory and fantastic performance. Now we will start preparing for 2023 with UA: PBC (Ukrainian state television, ed.). There are obviously some challenges in terms of hosting next year’s competition, “reads a press release.

“Like every other year, however, we look forward to discussing the requirements and responsibilities required to host with UA: PBC and others involved to ensure we have the best conditions to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.”

If you ask the Kalush Orchestra, which took a convincing victory on Saturday, however, there is no reason to question whether Ukraine will get back on its feet before next year’s competition.

“Next year, Ukraine will be happy to host a more integrated and happy Ukraine,” said lead singer Oleg Psyuk.

The same message comes from President Volodymyr Zelenskyj on his official Telegram channel, where he congratulates his countrymen on the victory.

Here he states that Ukraine will do its best to one day also be able to hold Eurovision in the city of Mariupol – a city that is currently under Russian siege.

“Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe!” He writes, adding:

‘Next year, Ukraine will host Eurovision. For the third time in history. And – I think – not for the last time. “

Otherwise, it will not be the first time a country has had to refuse hosting.

This has happened six times before – most recently in 1980, when Israel, for financial reasons, had to say no to holding the show again, after winning twice in a row. Instead, it was held in the Netherlands.

So far, Sweden’s capital has signed up to set the stage if Ukraine ends up having to decline, says Stockholm’s finance mayor Anna König Jerlmyr according to Eurovision Fun:

“It’s a way to show our continued support. We are used to hosting Eurovision and it was at the latest in 2016. As we feel that this was successful, we are happy to sign up voluntarily. “

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