Swabs in the parapharmacies, center-right and Italia Viva sink the amendment. “Italians forced into endless queues because of those who defended the interests of a few”

Center-right e Italy Viva vote against the favorable opinion of government and sink the amendment to the Covid decree, proposed by Leu-Ecosolidali, which asked to allow the parapharmacies to do molecular tests e rapid antigenic to diagnose Sars-Cov-2 infection. Against the modification, he had 13 votes against and 11 in favor Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate, the renziani, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia e Come on Italy, which in its ranks in Parliament includes the Deputy Speaker of the House Andrea Mandelli, president since 2009 of the Federation of the Italian Pharmacists Order. An amendment had also been tabled by Gianluca Castaldi, M5s, with the favorable opinion, in addition to that of the government, also the rapporteur of the provision, Nazario Pagano by Forza Italia. According to various estimates, the possibility of swabbing in parapharmacies would increase diagnostic capability of about 20%, at least partially decongesting the long lines that have affected in recent weeks pharmacy e drive through.

“Citizens need to know when they are in line for hours in front of pharmacies, Italia Viva and center-right, per protect the interests of a few, rejected the amendment that allowed parapharmacies to carry out rapid antigenic swabs “, they say Loredana De Petris e Sandro Ruotolo of Leu-Ecosolidali. The Five Stars movement instead he announces that the “battle will go on” in the Chamber during the discussion of the decree, which among other things provides for the Reinforced green pass: “Unfortunately, Italia Viva and the center-right have chosen to reject an amendment to the decree on the reinforced green pass without valid reasons if not to defend a professional order – says grillino Castaldi – An amendment that, given the high demand for tests by citizens, caused by the increase in contagion, would have allowed a fundamental step forward “. The screening – he adds – is a fundamental part of managing the pandemic. Today we could have made it stronger ”.

It should be remembered that according to a survey carried out by the Study Center of Conflavoro Pmi in the 14 days of the holiday season were over 8.5 million the quick antigenic swabs to which the Italians underwent for a total cost of 126 million euros. A swab – the research later highlighted – is sold to pharmacies a 2,50-3 euro and the margin recorded during the holidays was approximately € 8.92 million for importers and 102 million euros for pharmacies.

“Someone mentioned the problem of queues in front of pharmacies to take swabs, which opening to parapharmacies could be solved, but in reality the real hitch is not there but on the phase of tracking and the management of certifications ”, says the senator of Italia Viva Annamaria Parente. To explain her vote against the proposal, despite being endorsed by the government, Renziana explained that the parapharmacies are commercial establishments that “are not part of the national health service, if not very few, therefore they are not in the platforms who manage health cards “. It would therefore have been necessary, in his opinion, “to create a parallel platform on sensitive data” but “administering anti Covid tampons is not like giving aspirin over the counter”.

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