Swabs in parapharmacies, the rejected amendment is the fifth since the beginning of the pandemic: “Scandalous reasons, political-lobbying choices”

Okay, now there is a government commitment to go into detail. But it is not clear how and when. THE poisons e i suspicious than onexclusion of parapharmacies from the Covid swab circuit has been successfully set in motion by the usual lobbies, meanwhile they lead to believe that the agenda approved in the Senate after the center-right and Italia Viva rejected the proposal to remove the exclusive service to pharmacies, be just a sop destined to end in nothing. Or at least that’s what the National Union of Pharmacists Owners of Parapharmacy (UNaFtiSP) supports, which recalls the previous ones. “This is yet another rejected amendment, to be precise the fifth”Says the president Daniele Viti that rattles off the data: since the pandemic emergency that has made the use of tampons so indispensable, an amendment signed by Stumpo-Fassina of LeU has been wiped out in the Chamber, a similar one presented to the Senate by the dem Boldrini and Astorre. And again in the Senate, before the recently approved decree on the green pass, two other amendments on parapharmacies signed for LeU-mixed group by De Petris-Grasso-Errani-Ruotolo and again De Petris-Grasso-Ruotolo-Buccarella-La had been rejected. Forge. “Whether it was the Ristori decrees 1 and 2 or the Stability Law, every initiative to overcome the problem that then for the citizens means making the lines we see, has been blocked. In some circumstances – says Viti to the daily fact – the reasons for failures, we would dare to say, have been scandalous . For example, when there was the intervention of the State Accounting Office to affirm that there was no coverage: 8 million euros were not found for the refreshments, petty given the billionaire allocations that have been made up to now to deal with the emergency . Another pretext used in the recent past was that parapharmacies are a neighborhood business, that is, a retail outlet, as if a pharmacist did not operate there “.

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To see the glass half full has now been brought home a agenda which should lead to a solution, as explained by the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri of the 5 Star movement: “Doing more tampons in the right way – he said – is a need and it is necessary that these tampons are included in the information flow of the National Health Service. These are issues that will certainly be resolved ”. Yes but when? Almost certainly not in time for the approval of the decree Milleproroghe in which the pentastellati and also LeU would like to re-propose the amendment rejected the other day and on which the confidence has already been announced.

Meanwhile, the controversy is running. “Endless files in the cold, by car or on foot, in front of pharmacies for thousands of citizens who have been prescribed a tampon or need it according to the anti Covid 19 regulations in force and the Senate rejects the amendment that would have allowed swabs to be carried out even in over 4000 Italian parapharmacies. A unacceptable shame and a gift that smacks of favor to the lobby “denounces the Citizen Defense Movement, which invites” politics to pay greater attention to the daily needs of citizens, exhausted by over 2 years of epidemics and restrictions of all kinds, evidently increasingly ignored in buildings of power. In an unprecedented contagion emergency, with 2,222,060 positive Italians in quarantine, together with a similar number of family members and close contacts, which is accompanied by the chilling figure of deaths, as many as 139,872, with a daily increase of another 313 deaths in the single last Wednesday (when the vote was taken), instead of allowing the lightening of public health structures and pharmacies, the Constitutional Affairs Commission has seen fit to prevent consumers to be able to go to the parapharmacies to perform a simple quick test, however, paying out of his own pocket. A story that creates not a little concern and questions about how the votes have developed, given that the amendment in question had been approved by the government ”. Not to mention the queue scandal which risks further aggravating in the light of the contagion situation, and the peak from the omicron variant.

“The recent rejection of the amendment that would have allowed the pharmacists of the Italian parapharmacies to carry out swabs brings a clear corporate advantage to pharmacies, only those who had the ‘beacon of their political action’ lobbying flattery it could defend this rejection, against the interest of the citizens ”insists in a joint note of the Movimento Nazionale Liberi Pharmacisti, the National Federation of Italian Parapharmacies and the Unitary Confederation of Free Italian Parapharmacies which denies the arguments used to justify their exclusion from the tampon system. “The citizen who has been queuing up in the cold for hours for a tampon is told that he will not be able to choose to do it even in the parapharmacy because the parapharmacies are not part of the health system, they are not connected to the TS system, or Health Card, and therefore could not transmit the data and the results of the swabs themselves. But parapharmacies by definition they are an integral part of the Health System, receive a drug traceability code from the Ministry of Health at birth, adhere to the TS system, transmit pre-filled 730 data by law every day, are connected to the Veterinary Electronic Recipe system, in many regions they provide services such as the CUP, dispensing of products for celiac disease, medical devices, aids for diabetics, for incontinence. All in the bed of the National Health System. The authorization for the transmission of data concerning the tampons would be a mere formality, a click would be enough, and certainly not a special platform that involves any large expenditure for the State, as has been said in recent days. There privacy and data security would be and is every day guaranteed in the pharmacy as in the parapharmacy by the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation to which all those who process sensitive data, from simple personal data upwards, must adhere by law “.

And again, again to dismantle the theses of those who oppose the “liberalization” of tampons, such as Renziana Anna Paria Parente or the force fighter and president of the Order of Pharmacists Andrea Mandelli. “The angry, cold and tired citizen is then told that he cannot go and have a swab done in the parapharmacy because there is a sentence of the Constitutional Court which prohibits first instance analyzes from parapharmacies. Well, tampons have nothing to do with it, and the sentence of the Constitutional Court cited spoke of something else: it limited itself to canceling a regional initiative that gave self-analyzes to parapharmacies, challenging it not on the merits – it is not the prerogative of the Council – but in the method, since that decision was not a regional competence. That’s all. Citing that sentence, of method and not of merit, as if it expressed a specific will of the Council, means a lack of respect, knowledge and common sense. We therefore ask ourselves what the real scope is the opacity of certain political choices of this party, so confident today in the deny services and rights, so ready to please local pockets of power, and so capable of cloaking everything in a convincing Renaissance style. To the cold, positive and tired citizen, it is said that his well-being and health matter infinitely less than the corporate interests of the moment. Well, now at least he knows who to thank ”.

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