Swabs in parapharmacies, Sileri: “The amendment was re-proposed in the Chamber. It is a need and the knots will be resolved”

Swabs in parapharmacies? The amendment is was rejected in the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate, but then rightly it was proposed again in the Chamber. As there was an ongoing discussion, the amendment it has been transformed into an agenda to ensure that in these days the knots are untied“. Thus the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, a “Italy is waking up ”, on Radio Cusano Campus, on the possibility of extending the possibility of carrying out covid swabs in parapharmacies. Two days ago, Italia viva and the center-right had scuttled the amendment.

“Making more tampons is a need – concludes Sileri – And it is a need to make more tampons in the right way. Hence, it is necessary that these swabs are included in the information flow of the National Health Service. These are kinks that will surely be solved. It was a majority agreement that ultimately led to the transformation of the amendment into the agenda, which is a median way to allow us to arrive at our destination more united, with agreement and sooner ”.

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