Svenja in week 40: first "Take Me Out"-Baby is coming soon!

Svenja and Steve are probably the best proof: The Take Me Out dome format can work! In 2017 the two lovebirds met in the entertaining flirt show. Today they live with Svenja’s daughter in their own house and are expecting their first child together! In fact, it doesn’t take long until the very first “Take Me Out“-Baby is born: Svenja has reached the end of her pregnancy!

on Instagram the mom reported excitedly: “We have reached the 40th week of pregnancy, and we are slowly becoming more and more impatient. Nevertheless, it is somehow insane to know that we can hold a little miracle in our arms soon!” Svenja further revealed: “I will miss my marble – because I loved being pregnant – but of course the anticipation for the baby is greater.” In another post, the sweet TV notoriety already emphasized: “We’re so ready!”

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You can now clearly see that Svenja has reached the last part of the pregnancy: The future mother of two can look forward to a beautiful, spherical baby bump! Most recently she posted a particularly funny update – with a pun: To a photo in which she forms a bubble of chewing gum with her mouth and holds her XXL ball with her hands, Svenja wrote: “Just before bursting!”

Steve and Svenja, known from "Take Me Out"

Instagram / mrs.tollpatschig

Steve and Svenja, known from “Take Me Out”
Svenja, Ex- "Take Me Out" -Candidate

Instagram / mrs.tollpatschig

Svenja, Ex- “Take Me Out” -Candidate
Svenja, Influencer

Instagram / mrs.tollpatschig

Svenja, Influencer

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