Sven Mary, lawyer for Salah Abdeslam: “The problem in our society today is that everything is black or white, there are no more nuances”

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There were riots in Brussels last weekend, following the demonstration of anti-vax. We have the feeling of an increasingly clear and irreconcilable fragmentation of society …

We are currently living in a dictatorship of minorities. The demonstrations of last Sunday are yet another example. Everyone has the right to demonstrate. The problem in our society today is that everything is black or white. There are no more nuances. The culture of debate is disappearing more and more. We express ourselves through social networks, Twitter, etc. Trump torches people via Twitter! And in Belgium, we have a few examples like that too. There are a few politicians, whether left or right, who act like this today. I think of Vlaams Belang, Bart De Wever, Zuhal Demir… I find it more and more difficult to identify with what is happening today. In this dictatorship of minorities, there should be room for controversy. However, minorities today no longer accept any explanation other than their own.

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What do you think of the “woke” movement which is taking more and more place today?

(Quietly, in the tone of confidence) I can’t stand it anymore… I can’t take it anymore! These moralizers … Take Anuna de Wever. It is a shame that she made a political choice, which the fight for the climate does not necessarily require. But when Gert Verhulst (Flemish director, Editor’s note) issues a criticism of her and she replies the next day that it is the reflection of a “straight white elderly man” … (he gets angry and bangs his fist on the table ) The day you and I told Anuna De Wever that she was “lesbian, white, young”, you will see!

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