Suzana Alves says that Tiazinha was a “gift of life” and that she does not miss the character

Enjoying a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Suzana Alves, to eternal Auntie, opened space for followers to send questions on Instagram and revealed, among other things, that he considers the character a “gift of life”.

“Do you miss Tiazinha?”, asked a follower, going straight to the point.

Suzana explained that she “does not miss” the character, but from the time: “No, guys. I do not have [saudade]. You guys have a lot more than me, right? I miss the time, because it’s a phase of life. But when you yourself decide to change and turn the page…”, he began.

She added: “You can’t miss it. She is so close, in the sense of being important to my life, that I cannot miss her. It immortalized here in Brazil and some countries. She is a pop icon and will always be alive.”

In the end, Suzana said that she keeps the character in her heart:

“Along with the story, there’s a lot of growth, I was a girl, but I went through emotional difficulties. But it has that nostalgia. She was missed by a lot of people, but for me she will always be an important gift that I received from life. I keep it with all affection and love in my heart. I am grateful for all my history and for today,” he added.

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