Suzana Alves poses in a bikini on the beach in Rio de Janeiro

Through her Instagram profile, the businesswoman Suzana Alves, formerly known as Auntie, shared new clicks where he appears happy as he takes a bath in the sea on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Wearing a black bikini, Suzana left her followers delighted by showing off her good shape.

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In the comments of the post, followers asked if she misses the times where she lived Tiazinha on television. “No. I don’t (laughs). You guys have a lot more than I do”, he replied, stating that that phase has already been overcome.

“I understand, guys. It misses the time. We miss phases of our lives, but once you yourself decided to change… And so, guys, you can’t miss it, because she’s so close, so important in my life, that I can’t miss it, because the character has immortalized here in Brazil and in other countries, so she will always be alive in our hearts, this pop icon… It was very important. I live a lot today. Nostalgia is linked much more to people than fiction”, she said about her character.

Suzana shocked her fans recently by making a serious accusation against singer Daniel during an interview. The businesswoman comments that the two have never lived a romance, denying the statements where he said yes.

“I can’t believe he had the nerve to say such a thing,” said Suzana. According to her, Daniel lied and the two never had any intimate relationship. “I didn’t have any relationship with Daniel. He wrote it in his book. I think he had a platonic love, for me, that was it. I sent him a subpoena for him to take it off. It can only be… He was very young, very naive , and created something in his head. For me, that was it”, she said during a conversation with Rogério Vilela, who runs the “Inteligência Ltda” podcast.

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