Susy Díaz after leaving the set of ‘On everyone’s lips’: “I’m sorry that I left Tomás Ángulo null” (VIDEO)

The former congresswoman and businesswoman, Susy Díaz, was encouraged to explain why she left the set of the program ‘In everyone’s mouth’ when she spoke with Dr. Tomás Angulo, who was analyzing the alleged aggression that Flor Polo would have suffered by Néstor Villanueva .

Allow me because you have interrupted me several times and I also deserve respect, please”, said Tomas Angulo. To which Susy Díaz reacted by leaving the set, but before she pointed out: “I’m coming right now, I have to do. I want to say something and I’m going, from there you have all the time to talk. There is one thing, there is a psychologist from the Judiciary who sees, apart from her, you look at Flor when you don’t talk to her about that name of the cuckoo (Néstor Villanueva) she is happy, content. Mention the name of the cuckoo, she trembles and so does my grandson”.

Thank you, God bless you. Life has to go on and we all have to enjoy it. Let the doctor speak, keep talking”, Susy added when leaving the live set.

Susan Diaz: “He wouldn’t let me talk”

Given this fact, Susy Díaz explained what really happened during an interview on the “América Hoy” program, where she was invited to talk about the hard times her daughter Flor Polo is going through. Host Janet Barboza asked him about what happened on the set of ‘On everyone’s lips’.

You were on the program ‘On everyone’s lips’ where this problem (of Flor and Néstor) was discussed and we understand the susceptibility and nervousness in which you find yourself as a result of what you have been finding out from your grandson and your daughter, you have reactions like this (like leaving the set). How not to react in some way when your daughter is violated, psychologically and physically”, said the TV presenter.

Immediately, Susy Díaz regretted what happened, but assured that she is confused by everything she is learning lately.

It makes me sad that I left Tomás Ángulo null, because he wouldn’t let me speak and I had spoken with the production that at 2 in the afternoon they were waiting for me outside Pachacamac to take me to another program and when I say yes, I have never failed any program”, explained Susy Diaz.

My reaction was that it was 2 in the afternoon… and he wouldn’t let me talk anymore, he told me: ‘shut up, let me talk, respect’, I said: ‘I’m leaving the program’. So, everything came together, with the time, the worry of getting to the other program and the concern of my daughter and that they were talking about something else, my brain went into a revolution, so I said: I better go”, added the mother of Flor Polo.

Ethel Pozo came out in defense of Susy Díaz’s reaction when leaving the EBDT set. “She probably hears that a psychologist questions you, shuts you up and doesn’t listen to you. Psychologists are almost always the ones who listen to you and more or less understand what the patient is going through, but in this case it was not like that”.

Susy Díaz cries for the situation of her daughter Flor


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