sushil modi on tejashwi yadav: tejashwi yadav ki iss mang par sath aaye sushil modi kaha lagni chahiye ram vilas paswan ki pratima jdu ne kya kaha

Amidst the first death anniversary of LJP founder and former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, the political turmoil in Bihar is intensifying. RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on Saturday wrote a letter to CM Nitish Kumar regarding the installation of statues of Ram Vilas Paswan and Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. Meanwhile, the BJP, which is part of the ruling NDA, has also been asked to install Paswan’s statue. Former Deputy CM of Bihar and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi has tweeted in this regard, in which he is seen supporting Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav.

Sushil Modi did this tweet about Paswan
On the first anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan, Sushil Modi made several back to back tweets on Saturday evening. He wrote- ‘In view of the big role played by former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan in the development and national politics of Bihar, his statue should be installed in Patna. He fought relentlessly to advance the Dalits, but never did politics of hate. There should be a state function on his birth anniversary.

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‘Ram Vilas Paswan was the main architect of NDA politics’
Sushil Modi wrote in another tweet, ‘Ram Vilas Paswan was the chief architect of NDA politics. He served the country under the successful governments of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Bhai Modi. Bihar can never forget his contribution as Railway Minister.

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BJP MP said – politics should not be done on this
The veteran BJP leader further wrote, ‘Ram Vilas Paswan had made the record of winning by the maximum margin of votes in the first parliamentary election after the lifting of the Emergency in 1977. On the first anniversary of such a popular leader, people from all parties and sections will pay tribute to him. There should be no politics on this.

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Tejashwi has written a letter to CM Nitish regarding his demand
Before this demand of Sushil Modi, Tejashwi Yadav has also raised a similar demand. He has written a letter to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, demanding that the installation of statues of Ram Vilas Paswan and Raghuvansh Prasad Singh in Bihar be declared a state function on their birth anniversary or death anniversary. The Leader of Opposition tweeted this letter and wrote, ‘Sl. Dr Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and Late Dr. Ram Vilas Paswan, both were great personalities of the state as well as were intense socialist leaders. Both the politicians did remarkable service to the state of Bihar through their social concerns and active political life. Both have been such sons of Bihar, with whose personality and work we all Biharis will always be indebted.

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What did Chirag say on the demand for Paswan’s statue?
At the same time, Chirag Paswan has also reacted to Tejashwi’s demand to install a statue of Ram Vilas Paswan. He said, ‘We also want that his idol should be installed and the people for which he worked, people can know him in the coming time.’ The Jamui MP said on Sunday, ‘Our leader (Ram Vilas Paswan) had an unblemished contribution in active politics for 50 years. He should get respect from the state. I want a declaration of national mourning. I want that a statue of him should also be installed in the state so that the coming generations can take his guidance.

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JDU counterattacked on Tejashwi-Chirag
JDU has retaliated on the demand made by Tejashwi regarding former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan. Upendra Kushwaha, National President of JDU Parliamentary Board, said without naming anyone that the leaders of some parties, late Mr. Doing politics in the name of Ram Vilas Paswan. It should not happen. Ram Vilas Paswan is no more with us today. He has been instrumental in social change. Something is being demanded in his name, our Chief Minister is able to take a decision on it. Whatever decision has to be taken, CM will take it.

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