Susana Vieira’s health: actress is hospitalized in a hospital ICU. Learn medical picture!

Susana Vieira, 79, was hospitalized to treat Covid-19. The actress occupies a unit at Hospital Copa Star, in Copacabana, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, where she was treated with symptoms of the disease. Dear by the public, Susana, who in 2015 was diagnosed with a type of leukemia (CLL – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia), is receiving intravenous medication.

Susana is doing well and made sure to reassure the fans. “I’m fine. Covid left sequelae in the lung and I had to take a cycle of intravenous medication, so I’m hospitalized. As I have leukemia, hospitalization in ICU is protocol. With medication and physiotherapy, I’ll be home soon”, he commented. .

Susana Vieira will release biography

Away from the soap operas since the end of “Éramos Seis” (2019), Susana Vieira was torn between the presentations of the monologue “Uma Shirley Any” and the conclusion of her biography, already named “A Serviço da Vida”. In the work, private life will not be left out, as the actress herself reported.

“I’ll say everything, but without saying names. I’m afraid of being censored or sued. But I won’t say horrible things. I don’t say names of husbands, but they were terrible, almost all. It was one thing… Five! I don’t know if it’s the Brazilian man, I don’t know if it was me”, he said in an interview with the program “Casa Feliz”, on the Portuguese broadcaster SIC.

An example of self-esteem, Susana added: “I don’t know if they came after Susana Vieira thinking I have a full safe. I just know that I had a lot of problems. I wasn’t traumatized by anything. I send her away, but it takes time because It’s hard to get a man out of the house”.

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