Susana Dias Ramos on expulsion from ‘Big Brother’: “I think there will be a phenomenon of Entroncamento”

This Wednesday, January 12, another “Two at 10” aired on TVI, conducted only by Maria Botelho Moniz, once Cláudio Ramos is on vacation.

The beginning of today’s broadcast was attended by Susana Dias Ramos e Zé Lopes, commentators on “Big Brother Famous”.

Both gave their opinions on the latest events inside the most guarded house in the country and, in the end, talked about the expulsion of next Sunday, with the nominees being Nuno Homem de Sá, Jay Oliver, Bruno de Carvalho e Leandro.

“Do you know that I think there will be an Entroncamento phenomenon in this expulsion? We are here on the idea that Jay Oliver can leave, that he is the biggest candidate to leave…but it’s to expel and I don’t know if people dislike Jay that much…suddenly I see Nuno Homem de Sá a…”.

See the moment here.

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