Survey shows MCU fans are increasingly fed up with Marvel oversupply

A study of fan identities across franchises found how Marvel and DC fans differ.

That Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) now consists of 30 films and 21 series that form a coherent universe. Against that is DC Universe much looser because not all films belong to a single universe and many films are solo adventures, such as The Batman. As different as the two cinematic universes are, so are the fans, as a study has now found.

The study was carried out by the fan platform Fandom (via Variety) carried out. 5,000 fans between the ages of 13 and 54 were surveyed and information from their own platform was used. As a result, 81% of Marvel fans would watch anything from their franchise, while only 67% of DC fans would. Also, unlike DC fans, Marvel fans focus less on specific superheroes and more on the franchise as a whole, at 38% versus 57%. That could also be a reason why only 20% of DC fans show signs of fatigue show when it comes to new films and series of the franchise. have against 36% of Marvel fans are slowly getting enough of the numerous films and seriesthat Disney releases every year.

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There are categories of fans

To better understand the needs of fans, fandom has divided them into four different categories: the advocates, the intentionalists, the culturists, and the flirts. the advocates defined themselves by their fandom and watch new films and series just a few days after they are released. Especially many are Marvel, DC, “Star Wars” and “Stranger Things” fans.

the intentionalists watch new content in the first two weeks and choose new films and series based on reviews, filmmakers, stars and the stories told. They make up the majority of a franchise’s fans, on average. Many of these fans can be found on shows like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Game of Thrones.

the cultures use series and films to have common themes with families and friends and to be part of the cultural zeitgeist. Therefore, they orientate themselves on which works are popular at the moment. You watch films and series within the first month. Culturists can be found, for example, in shows like “True Detective”, “Ted Lasso” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

The last group is them flirting. They’re only interested in being able to get into a franchise easily and having common talking points with other people. They are not interested in watching films and series shortly after they are released, but when they have time. These franchises include The Office, Gilmore Girls, and South Park.

According to Fandom Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Fried, understanding fans’ needs and wants is important to better customize releases.

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